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The different types of gothic festivals

The different types of gothic festivals present

Following are some of the different types of gothic festivals which occur and involves activities like dancing, shopping, running, playing and much more.

  • Wave Gotik Treffen: This festival is easily the one which is running for the longest and takes place in Leipzig, Germany over the Pentecost. This special festival mainly focuses on the meeting of Steampunk, Goth, and Cybergoth. The day through which this festival is held is from Friday night to Tuesday morning.


  • Bats Day in the Fun Park: This is yet again another kind of a gothic festival which takes part in Anaheim, California. This is a weekend prone festival and focuses on the theme of a haunted house. Another feature of this festival is the trip to Disneyland for scavenger hunting.


  • Infest: This type of the gothic festival is fully dedicated to music. It is a three-day festival which is held in Bradford, England and has inclusions of music types like Gothic rock, Deathrock, EBM, Darkwave, Future pop and much


  • M’era Luna Festival: Again, a musical based gothic festival which takes part in the month of August every year and the location being Hildesheim, Germany. Generally, DJs set the stage on fire on the nights of Friday and Saturday, but one can also witness the presence of Gothic Bands in this festival.


  • Vampire 5k: This is one of those events where you can have unlimited fun. It is basically a charity event, but it hosts two kinds of people. The white shirt ones are the civilians, and the black shirt ones are the vampires. According to the myth, the rules of the run are same. Run from a vampire. If you get tapped by a vampire for two times, then the civilian becomes a vampire. This event is widely held in places like Washington DC, Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans and Los Angeles.


Do note that these are some of the different types of the gothic festivals which are held and not the entire list. There are more different kinds of gothic festivals which are being held all over the world. So, are you interested in taking part in such a festival? Sounds fun, but what is your view?